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The power of online events

Share your thought-leadership with your audience and increase your reach. HeySummit takes the heavy lifting out of creating, managing, running, and analyzing your online events, summits, conferences, or talk-series. Focused on delivering an exceptional attendee and speaker experience, we give you the tools you need to meet your goals, grow your community, and look good doing it.

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Taking care of the details

HeySummit's built-in features simplify the process of producing a successful event. It's easy for attendees to register and discover content. The platform puts you in-charge, allowing you to activate a community, offer viral referrals, giveaways, and more.

Speaker onboarding and management

Easily add your speakers to generate dynamic content on your optimized landing page, ready to convert your potential attendees. Or choose to invite speakers to their speaker dashboard where they can add their details, download event branded graphics, and access ready-made tweets and swipe copy to share across their channels.

Add fuel to your marketing engine

Turn your content into a valuable asset, engaging new customers or your existing community. Each talk and replay page acts as its own landing page, optimised to attract, engage and convert attendees.

Speaking your language

Share your knowledge all over the world. Choose to pre-load a language or dive deeper and manually translate individual text to customize your event. You're in control of the words you use at every stage of your event experience so that you can attract your audience, wherever they are.

Live, Pre-recorded, Hybrid

Use the tools you love. HeySummit has you covered for everything to do with online event planning and organization.  We integrate or work with the best platforms out there. Whether you're delivering a live event, pre-recorded content, or a hybrid, HeySummit works with many webinar, live streaming, and video hosting solutions.

Attend a demo with a twist

We love to do all we can to make events simple, so we decided to make a demo with a twist. Check out our demo event and the attendee experience in action and who knows, you might even learn from some seasoned event experts while you're at it!

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HeySummit Professional Services

Need help running your event? HeySummit saves event organizers hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by efficiently planning and running your virtual event. If you have your virtual event planned, but you need some extra help, look no further.

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