Authentic Work: Episode 1 with Kesa Versola

We've decided to start a live series and podcast interviewing independent business owners, creators & side hustlers.

Welcome to Authentic Work

A show about rethinking the way you work and helping you figure out how to turn your passions into income.

In the lead up to our Re:Think 2020 Summit, we are chatting with some of the amazing speakers who will be giving talks on August 4-6th.

Episode 1: ReThink & Marquesa Versola

For our first episode we sat down with Marquesa Versola who has been a live event producer for 10 years and recently has ventured into the virtual event world. Marquesa is also leading the planning for Re:Think 2020! Listen to how she's branched out from a full-time job to explore more of her passion online.

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Join the Re:Think 2020 Summit happening this August 4-6th.

Three days of inspiration, masterclasses, and workshops designed for anyone interested in getting that side hustle going, or turning your passion into a business. You won't want to miss what Marquesa Versola and the rest of our 20+ speakers have to say!

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