HeySummit Podcast: Episode 2 with Doc Williams

Doc an entrepreneur who likes to sit down and figure things out. In fact, he builds 3 businesses with 1 no-code tool every week, live!

Episode 2: ReThink & Doc Williams

“There are tons of tools out there. It goes on and on that you need to learn how to use it. And there's tons of people that have bought the product and have no idea how to use it. But you need to teach yourself how you can market your skill or what you need to do.”

Doc Williams is the definition of entrepreneurial spirit, which is why we had to have him on the show. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about “the right tool”, “the right process”, “the only strategy” you’ll ever need…and it’s bogus. Doc knows this and has taken it upon himself to empower others to find their own path.

With his show, he learns a new piece of tech and teaches his viewers how to make a business from it. Even though it’s cool to watch Doc explain new ways to use new tech, the profound message that he’s sending means so much more than that:

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly learning. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly testing and trying. As an entrepreneur, you’re discovering new ways to fail.

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