HeySummit Podcast: Episode 10: Sharing Passions and Growing a Community with Sarah Spencer

In this post, we meet Sarah Spencer of SongFancy, who has built a thriving community for her business.

Episode 10: Sharing Passions and Growing a Community with Sarah Spencer

“I didn't really consider a community until I started hearing about Facebook groups and really great results and really great, just fun times and connections that people were having inside of Facebook groups. And it was around that time, you know, get the gears turning like ooh, Can I try this? Like, what would that mean? What would that look like?”

Sarah Spencer of SongFancy dove into her process for building an engaged online community with us on this episode of our podcast.

Imagine: a singer/songwriter who has turned her blog into an income generating side business. Simply by sharing more of what she loves most. Now, years later, the community she’s designed helps beginning female songwriters with their craft, and creative mindset.

By testing and trying different ways to engage her community, Sarah is able to pick up on what her community wants from her the most. It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen by luck. Sarah continues to put in the work to create a community that is valuable to her members, and to herself.

When you allow yourself to be genuine, open, and authentic in whatever endeavor you undertake, you magnify your pull on the right audience. The firmer you stand in your truth, the more people you can attract to your online community.

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