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March 1, 2021

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 3 with Sam Eitzen

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 3 with Sam Eitzen

Episode 3: Pivoting with Sam Eitzen

Sam Eitzen is the Co-Founder and CEO of SnapBar and Co-Founder of Keep your City Smiling. In this episode, Rob and Sam get real about how entrepreneurs find the opportunity to grow, and the opportunity to pivot. Starting from a side business himself, Sam shares some insights from his journey.

“It was a complete accident to be completely honest. So, we were both in a wedding of a friend of ours. My brother is a professionally trained photographer, and the groom asked my brother at one point in time, hey, you have all this camera gear, I came across this blog thing that showcases how you would set it up to create like a photo booth. Can you do this at our wedding? And we he did.”

That’s Sam Eitzen rehashing how he and his brother cofounded SnapBar, an impressive photo booth company with a stacked email list that’s been marked as one of the 500 fastest growing businesses in the United States…and it all started by accident.

Sure, Sam and his brother are interested in photography, but at first, this project was treated as a fun thing to do together. From there, it turned into a fun side business that brought in a little extra money. The more fun and focus they put into the business, the more successful it became over time.

Going with your gut, with what feels good in the moment, with what you’re having the most fun with, is a great indication that you should keep exploring. Allow yourself to dive deep, without judgment. Keep going.

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