HeySummit Podcast: Episode 5 with Tyler Prete

By day Tyler works a 9-5 at Shopify. By night, he’s a co-founder of two brands. He’s going to share his favorite passion with us.

Episode 5: Having Fun Building Side Businesses with Tyler Prete

“I quickly realized through like failing a couple of startups that I've got skill gaps. The startups that I wanted to go after were tech enabled and super interesting high growth stuff. But, having a business background with no tech experience at the time, there was a massive skill gap. So since then, you know, I've been spinning up shutting down different types of businesses just primarily as a way to learn myself, but it's kind of turned into something of like a hobby and something that I just enjoy doing.”

Who would’ve thought that starting side businesses could be done purely for enjoyment? That’s how Tyler Prete sees it. Even while holding his 9-5 at Shopify helping other brands grow, he’s still building his own startups on the side. Currently, they are Resistance Fitness & Vibes Soap.

Tyler is an entrepreneur at heart, who isn’t afraid to learn something new. He may not know much about soap making or clothes, and maybe he’ll find another business to spin up soon. What he does know is that he’s stretching his limits to become the best he can be. He’s constantly learning something new to help his own brands, and the other entrepreneurs that he supports. Even though his side businesses can’t replace his 9-5 income (yet!) he enjoys the process – from start to finish.

There’s so much opportunity available to you to learn new skills, to try something new, to fail fantastically, and to create something that didn’t exist before. You’ve just got to start.

Have faith in yourself to see your dreams through.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, allow yourself to take your time. This is your journey, no one else’s. Make it your own.

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