EventMobi vs HeySummit

EventMobi vs HeySummit

What’s EventMobi?

EventMobi is an event management platform for online, in-person, and hybrid events. Its key features include a customisable mobile app to engage your attendees before, during and after your events.

EventMobi simplifies event management by putting registrations, email reminders, and group discussion tools in a single easy-to-use platform.

What’s great about EventMobi?

We’re particularly impressed with EventMobi’s fully customizable mobile app. It’s a great way to reach your audience and provide paperless ticketing for in-person events.

It’s also got some great group discussion tools, including polls, surveys, Q&A, and gamification, making it fun and easy for your attendees to engage with your brand.

What’s not so great about EventMobi?

EventMobi is not great for smaller brands well new to event marketing.

🚀 Event marketing promotes your brand through...well, events! Your customers get the opportunity to interact directly with your brand, and you get to interact directly with them. Leveraging the power of experience is the best way to grow your business. 🚀

EventMobi’s Annual subscriptions start from $14,900 a year. And that’s before you choose you add your registration package and production services - another several thousand dollars to your total. For reference, HeySummit’s starter package is $420 a year.

If you’re a self-starter, a small business, or you’re just starting out in event marketing, we recommend a platform with more flexible price-points.

HeySummit offers a range of packages from self-starters to agencies so you can build an event marketing strategy best for your budget and experience.

Why should you use HeySummit instead?

HeySummit’s affordable tech toolkit streamlines your event marketing strategy. Spend less time on logistics and more on what’s important: building your brand. Enjoy:

  • Tool integrations with your favourite platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and more, so that you can use the tools you know and love.
  • Customisable landing pages
  • A speaker dashboard
  • Email flows for potential customers and registered attendees
  • Streamlined ticketing
  • Courses, instructional videos, podcasts, and interactive sessions for you to map out your perfect event marketing strategy
  • ...and much more!

Try out all our features for absolutely free with HeySummit’s 14 day trial.


Octavia is a keen writer based in Edinburgh. She enjoys cooking, pretty walks, and watching David Attenborough.

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