🥳 HeySummit users just reached an astonishing 2 million attendees 🥳

Massive kudos to our incredible community of Event Organizers!

Pop the champagne, spread the confetti, share a socially-distanced elbow bump, shout from the rooftops ... because 2 million attendees have registered for our users' events hosted on our platform!

COVID-19 has ushered in unprecedented times that have affected the Events industry in ways we never could've imagined. But amidst the closures, cancellations, and sacrifices made, new possibilities have opened up. Enter: online events. A cost-effective, sustainable, scalable alternative - with the added advantage of a global reach.

The pandemic may have forced a dramatic shift in the mindset and practices within the industry, but it's also led to some pretty spectacular instances of improvisation and adaptation. It's not easy to break away from something you've grown so accustomed to, but thankfully the combination of event technology and individual creativity has meant that Event Organizers have not had to compromise on quality when making the digital transition.

We're honored to support Event Organizers in making the pivot to online events. From seasoned pros to complete beginners, we've witnessed resilience and enthusiasm across our community, and their dedication to producing top-notch events has been nothing short of inspiring.

Huge kudos are in order to our fantastic HeySummiteer user community. We wouldn't be here without the support and efforts of those who dared to dream big, took challenges in their stride, and to date have delivered a remarkable 4,759 events to 2 million people, averaging 1,857 attendees per event. Together, they've sold US$7.2 million worth of tickets and undoubtedly brought joy and value to audiences in over 190 countries.

Benjamin Dell, founder of HeySummit, shares, “online events represent an increasingly popular way for solopreneurs, small and large businesses to broaden their engagement and reach. In fact for many, it is now becoming an essential part of doing business online. Passing the 2 million attendees milestone is testament to this growing trend”.

In the coming months, we remain, as ever, committed to building the best platform to foster the knowledge-sharing economy and empower individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide to share their content, ideas, and experiences with a global audience. We intend to ramp up our efforts to grow our platform and enable our community to keep achieving success, driven by one of our core values -  amplifying others sustainably.

Online events are the future, and it is our belief that they will continue to be an invaluable part of the Events ecosystem far beyond COVID-19. As an Event Management platform, we've got you covered for everything to do with online event planning and organization, so you can focus on creating an unforgettable experience for attendees and speakers alike.

To get started with HeySummit, explore our pricing plans, and start your 14-day trial today.

Here's to the next 2 million.

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