Hopin vs HeySummit

What are Hopin's key features? How does HeySummit compare? When should you use one instead of the other?

What’s Hopin for?

Hopin is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas optimized for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event.

It's simple, user-friendly backend is great for first-time event organizers and those with little to no coding experience.

What’s Hopin great for?

Hopin’s platform emulates the feel of an in-person event experience on a virtual platform. Attendees and speakers are able to navigate an exhibition floor, all whilst meeting and networking with others They can drop in and out of various keynote speakers and generally engage in the entire event much like they would at a trade show or exhibition hall.

What’s Hopin not so great for?

Hopin’s MO is to emulate the feel of an in-person event. In some ways this is a good thing, in other ways, this isn’t a great way to approach virtual event management.

Treating virtual events like in-person events can be counterproductive. You're at risk of missing out on what makes virtual events great without ever really reaching the feel of an in-person event anyway.

Virtual events are a great way to connect with a large audience around the world and, crucially, easily connect attendees before and after your event. This is something Hopin falls short on.

Plus, Hopin relies on attendees to navigate the platform - from choosing the talks and speakers they engage with, to moving around the exhibition floor.

This is great for smaller-scale events, but might be trickier if you have thousands of attendees needing guidance or instructions. Plus, as this relies on individuals’ comfort with the tool and their participation in general, it is more difficult to test run prior to your event going live.

If you’re looking to embrace all the advantages of user-friendly virtual events, however large or small, we recommend using HeySummit instead.

When should you use HeySummit instead?

For a fuss-free virtual attendee experience, we recommend using HeySummit instead, which comes with an all-new Test Event feature.

It’s absolutely crucial to test your event out before your launch so you can:

  • See how everything works from an attendee's perspective.
  • Practice setting up a virtual event before creating your actual event.
  • Practice a run of talks with your speakers without making changes to your actual event.

Practice makes perfect, and running a test event lets you preempt and troubleshoot any difficulties your attendees may have, and work out any kinks in your event setup.

HeySummit is your go-to platform for experimenting with a range of virtual events - from small talks to huge conferences so you can launch your best event marketing strategy:

🚀 Event marketing promotes your brand through...well, events! Your customers get the opportunity to interact directly with your brand, and you get to interact directly with them. Leveraging the power of experience is the best way to grow your business. 🚀

We have everything you need for your next virtual event and beyond, including:

  • Customisable landing pages
  • A speaker dashboard
  • Email flows for potential customers and registered attendees
  • Streamlined ticketing
  • Courses, instructional videos, podcasts, and interactive sessions for you to map out your perfect event marketing strategy
  • Tool integration from Zoom to LinkedIn - so you can use the tech you know and love and reach your attendees wherever they are.
  • ...and much more!

Try out all these features for absolutely free with HeySummit’s 14 day trial.

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