Increase Your Reach by Harnessing the Power of Tickets, Coupons, Offers and Bundles

Increase Your Reach by Harnessing the Power of Tickets, Coupons, Offers and Bundles

Running a virtual event and looking to give your marketing strategy an extra push? Lucy devised this mini-series where she shares her top tips for using tickets, coupons, offers, bundles and giveaways to your advantage, so you can increase the reach of your event marketing.

In this part, we’ll look at:

  • Effective tiered pricing models
  • How to offer exclusive content to upsell (which may be as easy as repurposing what you already have!)
  • How to use HeySummit to automate your ticketing strategy to free up precious time
  • How and when to restrict tickets to certain categories, days, sessions, or even an amount of sessions
  • When to offer paid tickets as a free perk

We love the way HeySummit makes it easy to implement a fully customized ticket sales strategy so you can be confident you’re getting the most amount of signups (and money!) from your virtual event.

Now that you’re getting comfortable in the exciting world of event marketing, how do you ramp up your sales strategy to build your audience sooner and get them spending more?

Check out Lucy’s mini-series where she talks all things ticketing, coupons, offers, bundles and giveaways to help you increase the reach of your next virtual event.

In this part, you’ll take away Lucy’s key tips on:

  • Advertising presale coupons via your ‘coming soon’ page
  • Generating hype and ensuring a sell-out ticket with early bird discounts
  • Using HeySummit’s reporting feature to turn incomplete sales into profit
  • Tracking data and issuing coupons that upsell and upgrade
  • Easily running social media contests

Don’t forget to use HeySummit so you can easily customize, promote and manage coupons to get more signups (and more money!) from your next virtual event.

Are you looking for ways to optimise conversion rates for your next virtual event? In this mini-series, Lucy gives her top tips for capturing more leads with coupons, ticketing, offers, bundles and giveaways.

In this part we’ll be looking at:

  • Low-effort ways to use offers, freebies, and viral incentives to sweeten the deal and sell more tickets
  • When to make your offers or giveaways event-wide or link them specific talks
  • How to use viral incentives
  • Some fantastic giveaway ideas
  • How and when you should offer freebies
  • Lucy’s top-tip for tracking the success of your giveaway strategy

⛰️ Use HeySummit to build a fantastic giveaway strategy and get those tickets selling!


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