The Medium is the Message: 4 Reasons Why Summits Are the Future of Marketing

Get creative with your marketing strategy - increase brand awareness, grow web traffic and position your brand as a major industry player.

Marketing has changed more in the past decade than ever, and businesses are all about increasing their engagement in digital marketing tools to drum up business. Hosting an online summit, or series of summits will enable you to do just that . Get content to your target audience in a range of ways, and grow your professional network along the way.

Just check out these benefits:

#1 Boost Your Email List

An email is a powerful tool. 91% of people check their email every day, and 66% of consumers have made a purchase directly influenced by an email (Source: Eventbrite). You can grow your email and subscriber list, and boost your social media following by hosting online summits. When attendees attend your talks, you get their attention - and also their emails which you can use to promote yourself, your brand, and your content.

#2 Establish Relationships, Increase Visibility

By communicating with potential speakers for your summit, you'll be putting yourself in front of key influencers and major players in your space. Online summits also benefit your speakers by giving them credibility, visibility, and a new audience to engage with. Plus - sponsors aren't just for offline events! As an online event organizer, you have lots to offer, from lead sourcing to virtual networking sessions.

#3 Expand Your Reach

Reach people you wouldn't otherwise reach when you host an online summit. The most obvious ones are folks located outside your geographical area who wouldn't have been able to attend in-person. But you'll also be leveraging the power of online search engines to bring in an audience actively seeking a summit like yours. For example, with HeySummits' built-in rich SEO schema meta data set for the event, speakers, and tickets, Google will provide the best display of your content within its search results

#4 Generate Revenue & Re-purpose Content

Summits make money. Even if you start with a free pass, you can always sell all-access passes or additional offers that add value to your summit. For example - additional workbooks, presentations, 1-1 training sessions, or the contact list of speakers are all valuable to attendees. Long after the summit ends, you can sell replays of the talks or turn the talks into podcasts, emails, or blog posts. If summits are a key part of your marketing arsenal, and you run several a year, you can copy over all the settings and layout of one summit to another, with just one button - Clone. This way, your landing pages, talks, speakers are all replicated, without any extra work.

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