The Passion Economy is Forcing Us to Re:Think

A new business landscape is emerging that will breathe life back into work, and a free virtual summit in August will help you thrive.

The world is changing fast. The unprecedented global events of 2020 have accelerated remote and flexible work trends, strengthened online communities, and triggered the emergence of a new business landscape —the Passion Economy.

The passion economy is a growing technology-enabled trend that enables a wide range of people to earn a stable income by sharing what they know and love. It is an evolution of social media, e-commerce, and content marketing but it is also so much more. The passion economy will feed off the global challenges of 2020 to become an important and disruptive part of the post-COVID world, just like the gig economy after the 2008 downturn.

Between 2008-2009, Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit, Upwork, and other gig economy platforms emerged from the recession to trigger a wave of flexibility that changed the way we work and play forever. The gig revolution allowed us to shape our work around our life, but the new perspective we gained triggered a desire to drive our life back into our work...and the passion economy was born.

2020 will be the breakthrough year for the passion economy, as a next-generation discovers this new approach and utilizes emerging digital platforms that enable anyone to grow and monetize a community. As unemployment rises and post-COVID remote work becomes the “new normal” it will drive people to revaluate how they live their lives and earn their income. And, at the heart of this global movement is re:think Summit, a free 3-day virtual event for the passion economy on August 4 - 6, 2020.

“Our speakers have built thriving businesses, communities, products, and services based on their passions and the skills they needed to succeed. If planning, launching or growing your business, or just wondering how to get paid to do what you love, then these are your experts,” says re:think2020 organizer Marquesa Versola. “From defining your idea and transforming it into a business to best practices for leveraging technology, re:think2020 has got you covered.”

COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders around the world have thrust us into a much more digital and global world than it was 6-months ago, a world where global communities can form around almost any activity, object, or idea. By focusing on what you love, you can build a lucrative business around a community of likeminded people, and thrive in a world where your success depends on the honesty of your brand and the authenticity of your passion.

re:think2020 will bring together the pioneers of this emerging space to share essential tips and best practices for creating a successful passion business. Registration for the live event is completely free, while Replay and VIP passes are available for those who prefer more flexibility. Join us this August to find your passion, build your business, grow your community, and be a part of the passion economy — Sign up now for 3 days of conversations and networking to help you thrive.

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