Weekly Live Show: mmhmm and High Fidelity

In this post, Rob + Steven play around with mmhmm and High Fidelity.

Episode 11: Rob + Steven Talk Tech

“Because, HeySummit is used by so many different people in so many different types of situations, we thought it might be fun to start talking about all the cool, different tools that people use.”

On this rendition of the weekly live show, Rob and Steven try out some tools to help spice up the virtual event experience for your attendees.

First up, meet mmhmm – a video communication tool to make your video experience more interactive and engaging. A perfect tool to polish up your presentations for this new remote reality!

“It’s a really cool way to do visual presentation in terms of video presenting, kind of like if you're joining an online webinar or meeting through something like Zoom or BigMarker, where you have kind of like that video connection, that video input. But a cooler way of presenting that and having backgrounds and different presentation tools.”

This new normal has certainly inspired creators to, well, create! Phil Libin, founder of Evernote and All Turtles, wanted to give users something to help elevate their on-screen virtual presentation from a standard Zoom call, to a more elegantly put-together video production experience.

With the sudden excitement and waitlist of 100,000 strong for mmhmm, it’s no surprise that this video tool is one to watch.

TechCrunch just announced the release of mmhmm beta 2.

Next up is High Fidelity!

“High Fidelity is another one of these tools that came out. You like at least a few, like about a month ago, a month and a half ago. It started gaining traction. And it if you describe it, it sounds pretty simple.”

It’s a virtual reality experience that you can share with your whole team. While you wander the grounds of a fancy garden party, a remote beach, or a mansion, you’ll experience audio that makes you feel like you are right there. If there are other people in the virtual reality world you’re exploring, you’ll hear them differently based on how close or how far away they are from you – very much like you would go about your day.

“And then as I slowly walk away, they get softer and softer and softer and harder to hear me. Well, I'm turned back to you now. And as I slowly turn away, it gets less than less loud. And it sounds like I'm farther. That I'm talking away from you.” It’s definitely one of those you’ve got to try for a wild experience!

If you missed Rob and Steven playing around with mmhmm and High Fidelity, you can always catch the replay of this episode and others on our YouTube Channel.

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