Episode 12: Weekly Live Show: Remo and Flodesk

In this episode, Rob + Steven show off two tools they used during the Re:Think 2020 Summit: Remo & Flodesk.

“We thought we’d show one kind of video platform that people use with HeySummit all the time called Remo, who were big fans of, and then also a different type of platform and email marketing platform and In this case, called Flodesk.”

On this week’s show, Rob and Steven explore two different tools to help event managers to better engage with their attendees before, during and after the virtual event. (In fact, we used both of these tools for our Re:Think2020 Summit!)

First up is Remo – a virtual conference experience that makes virtual networking more personable. Remo allows you to create an interactive virtual reality for your networking event. With different floor plans available, ranging from very relaxed beach settings to very formal dining room venues, you can move around different table topics and connect with other attendees via video or chat.

Remo is just one of the video platforms we partner with here at HeySummit. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Next up is Flodesk – an incredibly easy and beautiful email marketing campaign tool to help anyone grow their business.

“What I love about flow desk is you have there's a lot of options for email marketing. It’s the number one place that you can do communications out to your, you know, either your customers or your community of folks that that you're reaching out to, to create a community to build a community around share information. And what they've done. They've really taken a focus on email design and making all of the really tough things that people find out email really, really easy.”

If you want to take the guesswork out of designing effective email marketing campaigns, try Flodesk. We really enjoyed it!

If you missed Rob and Steven playing around with Remo and Flodesk, you can always catch the replay of this episode and others on our YouTube Channel.

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