Whole New Ways to Help Your Summits Excel

Here at HeySummit, we're constantly implementing features requested by our users. We listen, and we work hard to make it happen.

You ask, we answer. The last few months at HeySummit have been busy. We're on a mission to make summits simple, and we're pleased to share with you some of our nifty new features, integrations and partnerships.

New builds

A brand new Coupon System has been built. You can now create coupons (with a fixed percentage discount) for you to share with particular audiences. If you want to share the coupon with a speaker simply tick the checkbox when creating it. Speakers will then see the coupon listed in their dashboard, as a URL that is unique to them. Any sales made as a result of them sharing their URL will show up in your payments report so that you can easily see which of your speakers (or affiliates) drove the most revenue.

We've added a Payments Section to list any payments you have received from attendees.

You can now add multiple Pixels or marketing tracking providers - before you could just add one. Now you can add Segment AND Facebook Pixel tracking, if you need to.

Previously, if you wanted to add a Chat or Helpdesk Widget to your summit site, you would have to choose one of our pre-built integrations (such as Intercom, Drift, HelpShelf etc.). As powerful as this was, it naturally meant that there were providers we weren't yet catering for. Now, you can now add your own custom JavaScript for literally any chat or helpdesk provider. This opens up what you can place onto your HeySummit event site.

We've finally completed the switch to a new Help Centre Platform with a whole host of new and improved helpdocs.

New features for event organizers

Setup speed

Previously, when creating an event, you were stuck in a holding pattern for up to 60 seconds while we populated demo content for you. Now that's much quicker!

Evergreen summits are here

We now ask when you create a summit whether it's intended to be evergreen or not. An evergreen summit is a summit that does not have an end-date. By design, an evergreen summit is intended to stay open for registrations over the long-term and for talks and content to be published periodically.

If you're using HeySummit as your brand's own private Netflix or video library, then you've probably thinking that it might be a little frustrating that you can't add videos to your evergreen summits without dates. Well, we've got you covered! If you've set up your summit as an evergreen summit, you can choose not to display a date on your event replays.

Draft mode

We've changed the way events are made public. By default when you create an event, it's marked as being in draft mode. If someone tries to access your summit before you hit publish, they'll now see a Coming Soon page.

Default email footers

You can now set-up a default footer to appear on each of the emails sent out from the platform. Perfect if you want to draw attention to your brand or a key piece of info.

Override default T&Cs

You can now override the default terms and conditions and privacy policy that your attendees see and have to accept when registering for an event.

Add custom registration questions

That's right! You can now add custom registration questions to your registration flow!

Custom colors

We've added support for custom colors, so that you can start to align your summits more closely with your brand.

Remove HeySummit branding

If you have the option to remove HeySummit's branding, you can configure your emails to come from your own email address, bypassing the HeySummit brand altogether.

Add media

You can now attach handouts files and other downloadable information to your talks! You'll be able to add files up to 10mb that your attendees can access when they view the talk.

SEO improvements

We've made improvements to the way your pages are marked up for the purposes of SEO, including SEO ratings markup for replay pages (when voting is enabled) to help increase search engine exposure.

Clone or delete an event

The days of manually having to re-create all your settings that you got just right are over! When you clone an event in HeySummit, all your settings and content about your summit is cloned except for speakers, talks, and attendees. Don't need an event anymore and no longer want access to it? You can now permanently delete an event. Remember, you can always archive an event to have it not count towards your event quota, but still be accessible by you.

Manually set your own webinar ID for live talks

By default, we will automatically create one webinar per talk on the video conferencing account you connected (Zoom or BigMarker). In some cases though, you might want to use the same webinar ID for all talks within a specific day.


We've just rolled out a simple, but major update to the way we handle your pre-recorded and replay videos. Previously you had to choose from one of our video provider integrations (such as Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia and Spotlightr). We'll even automatically set the thumbnail graphic for the video based on the auto-generated promo graphic for that talk.

New features for speakers and attendees

Affiliate support

We've made a series of improvements to the way reports are generated for your affiliates, and solved a bug where in some instances the reporting wasn't being shown in all areas. Your affiliates' dashboard is now much more useful to them in knowing how they're performing. We've also added an automatic monthly affiliate payout report to let you know how you're doing and to help with figuring out the payment breakdown of your affiliates' commissions.

Organizers can now specify that speakers should be setup as affiliates! The default is that they are not, in case an organizer doesn’t want to share revenue with speakers.

Speaker support

We have also updated the layout of the Speaker Dashboard. If the speaker is also an affiliate they will also have a new Affiliate Dashboard link in the sidebar, which will load the Affiliate Dashboard directly within their Speakers area. From here, they can track referrals and sales and also update their PayPal payout address etc.

One talk, many voices

Sometimes you have a single speaker giving a talk, but other times you might want a panel discussion, a Q&A, or some other type of conversation. You can now associate multiple speakers with a single talk! To start using this feature, just create your talk as normal, and select multiple speakers to populate it. Simple! You'll also get some nice new graphics to showcase the multiple speakers involved in the talk.

Attendee support

There are several types of emails being sent to your attendees, which can sometimes result in lots of emails being sent to your crowd. When attendees unsubscribed from these messages, they were only unsubscribing from that specific list and not from all emails. This caused some confusion and frustration for attendees, so we've introduced an unsubscribe dashboard for attendees so that all unsubscribe clicks now take them to a page where they can customize their email settings across all communication. Less frustrating for them, less hassle for you! Now, all emails coming from you to your attendees are processed via a custom email address for each of your events instead of events@heysummit.com, making things far more efficient!

Partner with us

If you're running a summit and are also a registered affiliate with HeySummit, now anytime one of your attendees clicks onto a piece of HeySummit branding, it's automatically linked with your partner account. Score! This means you get to benefit from anyone who finds out about HeySummit through your event. If you're not yet a partner, make sure you sign up right here.

New integrations

Custom stream

There are now three ways you can set up your video content to be delivered within a HeySummit talk. Previously you had to either connect to one of our webinar integrations or set up your talk as a pre-recorded video. Now, you can set a custom stream URL. For example, this lets you link to a webinar on a platform we don't yet support, such as Demio or Webinarjam. For now, custom stream URLs must be externally hosted destinations. But this update paves the way for us to create the facility for you to setup live streams that we will embed directly on your HeySummit pages. We plan to have this ready soon so watch this space!

LiveWebinar integration

LiveWebinar has joined Zoom and BigMarker. In having a full integration with HeySummit! Now when you go to create a host, you now have the option of connecting your LiveWebinar account as well.


If you're using the BigMarker integration to deliver your webinars, you may have noticed that attendees previously would have had to provide their email address when attending a webinar live - ultimately, creating unnecessary friction for the attendee trying to watch your talk. We're pleased to say that we now auto-register all of your HeySummit attendees to the BigMarker webinars they are booked into. This should result in a far greater percentage of attendees that watch your talks live. Plus, we now automatically sync the recordings from BigMarker to the respective talk within HeySummit as the replay for that talk.

Zapier integration

You can now use Zapier to get registration and other information out of HeySummit and into 1500+ apps! Some examples of how you can use Zapier with HeySummit: import all registrations into your CRM of choice; send a Slack notification every time someone registers and add all registrations to a custom email drip feed through another provider.


One of the most popular video hosting integrations we've seen requested over the last few months has been for Spotlightr. We're thrilled to say that Spotlightr support has now been added to HeySummit. Your pre-recorded talks (or replays from a live talk) can now be linked to a Spotlightr video.

LinkedIn insight tags!

Along with Facebook Pixels and Segment.com integrations, you can now also add your LinkedIn Insight tags as well.

Link Stripe account

You can now link your own Stripe account to handle all membership and all access passes within HeySummit. Please note that this is restricted to the Business Plan. In effect, this means that HeySummit will not handle or hold any of the money your summit generates, it simply goes directly to you. FYI, the Stripe credentials you add are encrypted for enhanced security.

Remo webinar

Ho Yin, founder of virtual networking tool Remo is hosting a Webinar for HeySummit members (and who knows, he might have something special to share...). Remo was one of the most popular platform talks during our recent BootCamp!

Psssst... if you missed the EarlyParrot webinar, catch the replay here.


Speaking of EarlyParrot, for all you EarlyParrot fans, you can now go to Event Setup > Other Integrations and add a provider to Referral Tools.

Dubb integration

Dubb is a popular video hosting platform and now we've made it easier to integrate Dubb videos for your replays and pre-recorded summits! Now when you go to add a pre-recorded video, you'll see the option to add Dubb.


Your speakers can now add Instagram accounts to their speaker dashboard :)

Love what you're reading? Why not have a go at hosting your very own summit- on us. Here's a link to your free trial with HeySummit. While you're at it, watch our awesome live demo! Happy summiting 🏔️

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