Running Your Own Event: Everything You Need to Know

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Events Are Powerful

Virtual events aren’t just about giving your attendees unique and enriching experiences. You’re also engaging people in a memorable experience of your brand - while gathering all-important data on a large scale. You’ll be reaping value long after the event ends.

As a marketing tool, there are few like it. Events will have a lasting impact on you and your organization. 

Here’s how we like to break it down:

If you’re looking for more impact than a fleeting social media post (easily lost in the scrollable abyss) or an email sitting stagnant in an overflowing inbox, look no further.

Compelling content + social interaction = maximum value and WOW-factor

What You’ll Gain

  1. More powerful marketing.
    An event can massively boost your industry presence. Forget paid ads on Facebook! With speakers  and attendees posting about their experiences, you’ll be generating a collective, authentic  buzz.
  2. Big reputation.
    With more people talking about you, and a fully-scaled, polished event - complete with an enticing agenda and glittering testimonies - you’ll establish yourself as a serious, reputable brand with something unique to say.
  3. Global reach.
    Virtual events can be endlessly customized, so you can produce a hybrid event, with pre-recorded sessions and replay options. With on-demand event content, you don't have to limit your audience to certain time zones and geographies - the whole world is your oyster.
  4. Limitless content.
    Even after the final live session wraps up and you take your final bow, you can make recordings available - making the impact of your content limitless. AND you’ll have a wealth of high-quality content that you can repurpose across your channels for a long time to come.
  5. A more committed audience.
    Once your event is over, you’ll have established a network of engaged speakers and attendees. A community primed with a shared interest and knowledge of your brand! Get ready for a huge boost to your mailing list.
  6. A better understanding of your customer base.
    An event is an invaluable opportunity to learn  about your target demographic. This can be especially helpful if you have a newer business, and your core customer base is still unclear.
  7. A vision for the future of your business.
    With all this data you’ve secured, you can drive your marketing efforts and tailor your strategy to become the most effective it can be.

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