All the features you need to run your online event.

Every HeySummit account comes with access to a wide range of features, tools, and integrations to help you create and run your online event.

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Registration & ticketing

Create tickets that fit your event and give attendees a simple registration process.

Pre-Registration Page

Start collecting emails of those interested right from the moment you start.

Customized Registration Flow

Ask the important questions of attendees upfront and tailor their experience.

Flexible Pricing Structure

Set-up tickets based on price points and access to content.

Woman sitting on a bean bag chair thinking about her website landing page design with a browser window and she is painting onto the website different elements

Landing pages

Dynamic landing pages out of the box or customize to match your needs.

Dynamic Components

Add components to your page that update automatically when you add or remove content.

Flexible Builder

Move content around your landing page to fit your specific content needs and tailor your pages to your event.

Content Blocks

Feature upcoming talks, embed videos, display sponsors, showoff testimonials, or let your copy simply shine with our content block options.


Keep your attendees engaged with customizable messaging.

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Affiliate Program

Incentivize those with larger audiences to actively promote your event.

Viral Incentives

Encourage attendees to share your event through rewards and competitions.


Showcase how awesome your reviews are by highlighting satisfied customers.

Talk management

Create and manage your content details all in one place.

Live or Pre-Recorded

No matter how you choose to present your content we have the tools and integrations to match.

Simple Setup

Create talks from a central location with simple detail and speaker management.

One Day or One Year

Build out your talks to fit your needs with live, pre-recorded, and on-demand options.

Speaker dashboard

Save time updating Speaker information with our easy to use dashboard.

Promotional Material

HeySummit auto-generates promotional material including social copy and promo banners to save you time.

Speaker Details

Speakers are prompted to add their bios, headshots and social links.

Inspiring Data

Speakers are inspired to keep sharing your event as they can see the numbers signed up to their session.

Reporting & analtyics

Keep track of all your event’s metrics with HeySummit’s intuitive reporting tools.

Feedback Questions

Keep informed with how your attendees are enjoying and maximizing your content.

Webinar Reports

Track engagement from participating integrations to monitor live vs recorded attendance.

Event Dashboard

Your mission control for signups, referrals and tracking information, all in one place.