Talk Management

Whether you're putting on a 2 day summit or a 2 week one; HeySummit helps ensure that setting up and managing your talks is a painless process.

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Creating a talk in HeySummit is as simple as writing a title, a short description and linking it to a speaker. Speakers can then be invited to update their bio, headshot and contact details - saving you precious time and ensuring your speakers info is relevant and up to date.

Live or pre-recorded,
you decide

Deciding whether you want to present your talks live or pre-recorded is often a decision based on the hosts and speakers preferences. Whichever you decide, HeySummit has you covered.

Running a live webinar, is as easy as connecting your Zoom or BigMarker account (with more integrations coming soon). Pre-recorded talks, on the other hand, simply require you to link your videos via one of our Video Hosting integrations (such as YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia).