Ticketing & Revenue Tools

Easily configure ticket prices, restrict access, set availability and choose your preferred payment provider.

Virtual Event Ticketing

Our ticketing and revenue tools help put you in the driving seat

Collecting attendee registrations is important, but if you're looking to also generate sustainable revenue then our ticketing and revenue tools are a must.


Setup Ticket Types

Create any number of ticket types - free, paid, early-bird, VIP - it's up to you. Simply set the price and give it a name.


Configure Ticket Restrictions

Easily limit what is included with each ticket type by restricting talks, capacity, available dates and more.


Choose Payment Provider

Connect your preferred payment provider so that you can collect revenue from your attendees.

Our ticketing & revenue tools
are super powered with...


Local Currencies

Choose to sell tickets in your local currency.


Set Capacity

Optionally specify how many of each ticket type are available to create scarcity.


Restrict Content

Optionally restrict a ticket to specific bundles of talks or categories


Restrict Days

Optionally restrict a ticket to specific days  (i.e. day 1 ticket, day 2 ticket etc).


Ticket Expiration

Optionally setup tickets to automatically expire once purchased.


Dynamic Pricing Tiers

Create tickets with prices that change depending on when they are purchased.

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