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Create, edit and host videos online with Hippo Video's professional video editing software. Give your video the perfect flow you intended with an option to trim out awkward pauses, crop unwanted objects, blur the extras to retain focus, span resize your aspect ratio, and spruce it up by adding span emojis or callouts.

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Works with HeySummit

You've heard of Hippo Video, a video engagement platform that helps you connect with your prospects and lifts your sales and marketing and you want to use it for your event.

With HeySummit, you can run an event with a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions.

Simply, select the video settings for that specific session, click on Pre-recorded, paste the Video ID of the Hippo Video you've setup and you're all set!

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video solution that provides hyper-personalised options for your video email campaigns that help you automate video sequences, humanize communication and track videos with real-time analytics.