YouTube Live is an easy way for you to connect with your community

Whether hosting a live charity event, a town hall or a press conference about breaking news, YouTube Live allows you to bring attendees together in real-time to learn, discuss and to form new communities

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Works with HeySummit

You have built a loyal YouTube followership and would like to leverage that to connect with your existing followers, expand your attendee reach and attract a larger audience. Connecting your YouTube account with HeySummit is really easy.

Simply, select the video settings for that specific session, click on Custom Stream, paste the Video ID of the YouTube livestream you've setup and you're good to go!

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is an easy way for you to reach your community in real time. It provides an unlimited about of attendees that can join your LIVE session. Whether you're streaming an event, teaching a class, or hosting a workshop, YouTube live has tools that will help manage streams.