HeySummit and Introvoke

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HeySummit is proud to partner with Introvoke for live content. Used by organizations like Comcast, Wharton and Ritual Motion, Introvoke is reliable and scalable. With HD as standard and up to 4K quality, your content will be clear and stable too

We encourage you to use Introvoke for:

  • Live embedded sessions directly on Talk pages
  • Hassle-free replays
  • Total customisable control over every touchpoint

Top articles on how to use Introvoke & HeySummit:

New to Introvoke?

Here’s how to get started using Introvoke for your next live event.

Connect your Introvoke account

Sessions linked to your Introvoke host in HeySummit will be automatically created in your Introvoke account

Go live with Introvoke

Enjoy stunning HD live video and networking sessions, embedded directly into your HeySummit event

Replays added automatically

Introvoke allows you to automatically add the replays to your HeySummit event, keeping your life simple

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