Worried about cancelling because of Coronavirus?

If you're concerned about the continued effect that COVID-19 is having on travel and safety, and the risk of having to cancel your event, we're here to help.

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Take your conference virtual

Whether it's adding a virtual element to ensure attendees can still take part, or converting the entire event into a virtual one, HeySummit can help you make a plan.

Instant Platform Access

You want to get your event online fast. You can start immediately by clicking here and starting a free 14-day trial.

Access our free event transition guide as a launching off point.

Review our knowledge base for answers to some of the most common questions for setting up your virtual event. If you think you need more support, read on.

1:1 Coaching and Pre-Launch Check

You want guidance on how to move your in-person event onto HeySummit quickly and a little bit of help to get that done. With the HeySummit SideKick service starting at $3,000 for coronavirus-affected events, you'll be coached throughout the summit creation process.

We craft you a bespoke event transition plan and match that with weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and finally run a pre-launch event check to ensure you have everything configured correctly and ready for your attendees. If you'd like more information about what this service offers, find it here.

The Full Service

You want HeySummit to manage all the online aspects of your event. This is ideal if you want to delegate the creation of the virtual event including developing a transition plan, configuring attendee access permissions, selecting and managing webinar integrations, and completing conference configuration.

Our full-service offering includes the HeySummit platform, event coordination, and relevant webinar accounts, starting at $10,000 with a lead time of 5 days required.

Find more information about this option here.

We have the platform, expertise, and human power to transition your event from in-person to virtual.

  • The HeySummit Event Team handles the organisation and management of the virtual experience
  • Technical assessment of your in-person conference
  • Transition plan including platform, products, format, and attendee experience
  • Comms support for your attendees, stakeholders, and sponsors
  • Team of virtual assistants to help migrate content, speakers, and setup
  • Fast turnaround time to get you prepared in as fast as 5 days