Becoming a Virtual Event Architect™

Sell at least $10,000 to an email list you haven’t even created yet, in 90 days or less and have your competitors help too.

Tune in Wednesday, June 16th at 6.30pm GMT, 1.30pm Eastern, 10.30am Pacific for a FREE Masterclass.

You will learn exactly how to:

  • Start, kick-start or rapidly grow your ideal audience AND
  • Have the leaders in your space BEGGING to help you,
  • In 90 days or less.

We'll discuss how a fiction writing coach made over $26,000 (and had people PAY for access to affiliate codes WHERE HE GETS A KICKBACK).

And how a plant spiritual healer made over $14,000 (and received a last minute request from a big player begging to be a part) and much much more.

This event is for digital entrepreneurs, creators and community owners willing to experiment to make money, grow their audience or give their business the kick start it needs BY SIMPLY FOLLOWING A SYSTEM.

Join your presenter:

Photo of Scott Cowley
Scott Cowley
Head of Agency, HeySummit