Grow your audience by 3x in 90 days or less

Learn how you can grow your audience and email list through event marketing.

Tune in Monday, June 21st at 6.30pm GMT, 1.30pm Eastern, 10.30am Pacific for a FREE Masterclass on becoming a Virtual Event Architect.

You will learn the new way to:

  • At least 3x your opt-in audience
  • Earn the audience of other leaders in your space (with their help and blessing)
  • All while starting, kick-starting, or rapidly growing your email list

We'll discuss how a plant spiritual healer added well over 5,000 to her email list, generated over $12,000 in new customer sales AND at the eleventh hour had one of the big players in plant and spiritual healing reach out begging to help.

And how an education platform added over 2,900 new emails with the help of 58 leaders in their space, generating over $15,000 in the process.

This 1-off, live, NOT recorded masterclass is for digital entrepreneurs, creators and community owners looking to take the next step to start, kickstart or rapidly grow their authority, email list and make money all at once.

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Scott Cowley
Head of Agency, HeySummit