A recognized authority in 60 days or less

Become a Virtual Events Architect and use event marketing to grow your audience and though leadership

Tune in Wednesday, June 23rd at 6.30pm GMT, 1.30pm Eastern, 10.30am Pacific for a FREE Masterclass on becoming a Virtual Event Architect.

You will learn the new way to:

  • Become recognized as a thought leader by your ideal audience
  • Borrow authority from the leaders in your space (with their help and blessing)
  • All while starting, kick-starting or rapidly grow opt-in email list

We'll discuss how a fiction writing coach made a name for himself AND bumped up his list to over 3,000 people, all while making over $26,000 from one event.

And how a plant spiritual healer had one of her idols reach out begging to support her, while adding well over 5,000 to her email list and making over $12,000 to boot!

This 1-off, live, NOT recorded masterclass is for digital entrepreneurs, creators and community owners looking to take the next step to start, kickstart or rapidly grow their authority, email list and make money all at once.

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Scott Cowley
Head of Agency, HeySummit