Back to Basics: What's HeySummit?

Everything you've ever wanted to know about HeySummit - from pricing, to use cases and more!

How does it work?

HeySummit helps you increase engagement, conversions and revenue for your online summits, allowing you to setup and run an online summit with ease.

Use the tools you love

From landing pages to ticket sales, to attendee and speaker management, HeySummit has you covered for everything to do with summit planning and organization. After you have everything set up, we then integrate with the best platforms out there. Whether you're delivering a live summit, pre-recorded, or a hybrid, HeySummit works with many webinar, live streaming, and video hosting solutions

Key features include:

  • Attendee registration, schedule management and multi-ticket configuration
  • Speaker dashboard
  • Talk and Panel management
  • Reporting features providing analytics for both before and after your event
  • Dynamic content landing page builder
  • Affiliate program management
  • Offers, Giveaways, Viral Incentives and more

And since we're on a mission to make summits simple, we've even created branded graphics, ready-made tweets and swipe copy for your speakers to share across their channels.

What's the problem HeySummit solves?

Setting up and running a successful summit is tough. There are a lot of moving parts from your business strategy to your summit configuration, and the tools you use to maximize engagement. HeySummit’s baked-in features are designed to simplify the process of producing a successful summit. We make it easy for attendees to register and discover your content. The platform puts you in-charge allowing you to activate a community, offer viral referrals, giveaways and more. You can easily import your speakers or invite them to enter their own details easing the pain of speaker management. HeySummit turns your quality content into a meaningful part of your marketing strategy. Each replay page acts as its own landing page; designed to attract, engage and convert your audience.

What's HeySummit's pricing model?

Basic Plan: $33 per month

  • 1 active event
  • 2,000 attendees
  • 5% transaction fees
  • Unlimited team members

Professional Plan: $116 per month

  • Up to 3 active events
  • 7,500 attendees
  • 1.5% transaction fees
  • Unlimited team members
  • Evergreen summits

Business Plan: $333 per month

  • Up to 10 active events
  • 20,000 attendees
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Unlimited team members
  • Evergreen summits
  • No HeySummit branding
  • Custom payment providers
  • Full API access

Why choose HeySummit to host my virtual summit?

The team at HeySummit have carefully considered what you need from a platform to host a virtual summit. Afterall, they started building the platform when they needed a tool to run a virtual summit and couldn’t find a platform that performed as they wanted it to. It’s a good service to use, particularly if you’re just getting started with virtual summits and you’re looking to boost your conversion by making use of their viral incentives.

Who could benefit from using HeySummit?

HeySummit customers come from all over the world and generally fall into the following categories:

Agency Owners

They manage multiple client’s marketing campaigns. They are looking for a white label solution to present to their client to meet their marketing goals.


They want to grow their brand, awareness and list through a marketing channel that demonstrates their quality content.

Professional Governing Bodies

They have membership in widely diverse geographical areas. They are seeking ways to share knowledge and interact with their membership at a lower cost.

Organizers of In-person Events

They are looking to...

  1. Record their physical summits for access to talks after the event
  2. Livestream their physical summit to sell remote tickets for attendees who aren't able to make the physical event
  3. Run off-season virtual events to a) keep engagement/build awareness/maximize revenue or b) trial new speakers or topics to gauge interest

Of course, not everyone fits neatly into categories. If you don't, but see the potential in virtual summits, attend a live demo today and find out how HeySummit can help you achieve your aims.

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