Efficiently manage your speakers — empower them to add their details directly.

With HeySummit’s speaker dashboard, you can maximize the time you spend promoting your event by giving your speakers access to a personalized event dashboard.

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Everything you need to manage your event speakers.

Create a professional and personalized dashboard

We automatically generate personalized speaker dashboards for every speaker you add to your event — saving you the time of entering all their personal and session details.

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Reward your speakers with affiliate commission

Leverage the power of affiliate marketing and reward your speakers for the audience they drive to your event. Through their personalized speaker dashboard, they can discover their unique affiliate code to share with their following.

Grow your audience with promotional outreach

Boost sign-ups for your event by inviting your speakers to access theirs personalized speaker dashboards, to share the auto-generated promotional copy and images for the event with their network.

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Efficiently manage speakers with HeySummit.


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Create a personalized dashboard

Next, you’ll generate a personalized dashboard when you add a speaker to your event.


Share at will and populate your event

Once you’ve invited your speakers, all you have to do is watch as they fill in their details, and share your promotional material to drive traffic your event.

All the tools and features you need to efficiently manage your speakers.

Promotional Material

HeySummit auto-generates promotional material including social copy and promo banners to save you time.

Speaker Details

Speakers are prompted to add their bios, headshots and social links.

Inspiring Data

Speakers are inspired to keep sharing your event as they can see the numbers signed up to their session.

You'll be in good company.

"I just want you to know your platform is amazing! It was the tipping point for me planning the event of my dreams in response to everything we're going through right now."
"Your platform made set up and coordination easy, our attendees are finding their sessions without issue, and the event landing page looks amazing. Even our event sponsors are loving it..."
"...we were able to launch a new event, as a start-up, completely boot-strapped as we tried to test a concept that we thought would fly - and thanks to HeySummit, the event did fly."
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